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AS 1288 2006 Glass In Buildings Selection And Installation.pdf




a. To help reduce vehicle glare, all motorized vehicles or engine-powered generators, except those used for ventilation, shall be equipped with windshields meeting the requirements of this section. A solar-powered internal combustion engine shall have a front windshield meeting the requirements of this section. b. The front windshield shall be the sole, primary, permanently installed windshield of a motorized vehicle, as required by this section. The windshield shall be designed to allow a driver to clearly view at least 60 percent of the roadway to the front and all sides of a vehicle. c. Front windshields shall be constructed of at least three glass panes. When the windshield is to be replaced, the new windshield shall have at least the same thickness, area, and impact resistance as the previous windshield. d. The front windshield shall meet all provisions of this section that require the windshield to be constructed of a single sheet of glass. The front windshield shall also be constructed of a single sheet of glass if the vehicle is a minivan, sport utility vehicle or large truck, provided that the windshield meets the requirements of this section. e. Glass used for front windshields shall be installed using structural glazing techniques. f. Front windshields shall be installed in such a manner that there is a gap of not less than five (5) inches nor more than fifteen (15) inches between the glass surface and any sharp edge or flange of the windshield frame. g. Front windshields shall be mounted so that the edge of the windshield frame and the adjacent vehicle body shall be continuous and parallel. h. Front windshields shall be attached to a frame that supports the glass. The frame shall be mounted to the vehicle body and may be continuous or a part of a fixed or movable bulkhead, door, or flange. i. The frame shall be fitted with a stop to prevent the glass from moving in a horizontal direction. j. The frame shall be sealed to the vehicle body at all points. k. A strip of adhesive tape or similar device shall be placed at the mounting points of the windshields to hold the glass to the frame. l. The front windshield shall meet all applicable standards or requirements for installation, maintenance, and repair. m. When windshields are used on the side of a



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AS 1288 2006 Glass In Buildings Selection And Installation.pdf

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